Light a burner under Plan A while you’ve got other stuff cooking as well.

Join us online on Saturday, January 15, 10–11:30 AM EDT
In this results-getting 90-minute workshop, you’ll take a journey into your future with a sparky process, surfacing buried dreams and connecting with fellow travelers who—like you—seek more juice in the day to day.
Discover how small changes can make big differences once you’ve located your own inspiring true north.

Reclaim Plan A. Huh?

If your life were a closet, you’d agree that some stuff fits, some things are woefully out of date, and wait, there’s residual clutter too. Reclaim Plan A is a project that helps you declutter and freshen up the “closet” of your life. Rediscover your forgotten favorites. Rapidly sort priorities while firing up your imagination. Reach for more joy and satisfaction in the day to day.


Yup, it’s different than other planning workshops.

  • Craft an inspiring vision for your own life. Did you know most people spend more time planning a vacation than an actual life?
  • Dig into pesky barriers that are holding you back.  Learn strategies for navigating forward.
  • Land on a few actions—the critical few—to create traction in the moments, weeks, and seasons of your life.

Everything I learned about work, I learned as a pizza waitress.

Sometimes opportunity knocks when you’re not putting your best foot forward. Recover and seize it. 

Curious? Read the rest of my recent article on Medium.

If you want to know the future, look at what you’re doing in the present.
—Tibetan saying


Meet Janice

Janice Maffei is a storyteller, a seasoned facilitator, a playwright and a founder of VisionFirst who has consulted with leaders and teams around the globe.

At work reclaiming her own Plan A, Janice has braided together a life that includes coaching teams on strategy and innovation, performing on NY stages and writing stories, poems and essays that have found their way to publication in The Southampton Review, The Paterson Literary Review, and HowlRound among others. Her play, “How to Bury a Saint,” received an equity production and a favorable New York Times review.

In 2020, scared but prepared, she made her standup debut with Me and Marie at a New York comedy club, and in 2019 shared her own Reclaim Plan A story at Generation Women. In 2017, she was selected as a Ucross Fellow and granted an artistic residency in the High Plains of Wyoming. Janice is a guest lecturer at Columbia and The School of the New York Times on innovation and creative writing, respectively. She serves on the boards of The Lillys, which celebrates women theatre artists, and her Manhattan co-op.

Read Janice’s latest article, “Don’t Resolve; Ask Questions Instead” and other essays on Medium.

More about Janice here.

Watch Janice


The idea for Reclaim Plan A grew from efforts to reconnect with my most authentic and passionate self. This video, recorded April 10, 2019 at Generation Women in New York, is the first time I’ve shared my own Reclaim Plan A story. 

My first standup performance on March 6, 2020 at Funny Over 50. 


What people say

Love the group energy. Appreciated your humor and the excellent delivery of very interesting, thought-provoking content.
—Holly E.

A great journey into what I have been thinking about—super encouraging and felt very strategic in how it was set up.”
—Sarita V.

Janice’s gentle but sturdy hand at the helm of the Plan A project is nothing shy of a gift. If you have the extreme good fortune to work with her, jump at the opportunity.
—Jamie W.

I’m feeling energized, enthusiastic and elevated.
—Kenisha L.


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